About Us


My life has been a journey through diverse planes of interactions. I have studied interior design and became so intrigued by feng shui that I wrote my graduation thesis on the power feng shui brings to balancing and harmonizing people with their environments.

I continued my path toward being a holistic wellness practitioner by becoming a wound care certified registered nurse.

Most recently I have become a certified Reiki Master Sensei in order to blend my love for enhancing the wellness of the people I meet while aiding them with creating a living space, which elevates their sense of peace and tranquility through feng shui principles. I am proud of my Reiki lineage being 7 generations from Reiki Master Usui, the founder of Reiki in Japan.

What I enjoy most about my journey is being able to provide empowerment to those who seek my assistance. I am blessed to be able to offer a well-rounded holistic approach through Reiki, Complete Alignment Technique, and feng shui principles. I look forward to helping you find your path and enhance your journey in this plane.

A portrait of Laura smiling while standing outdoors on a snowy day.


Much like my wife, I have also taken many paths through my life in this world. As a licensed independent social worker, I have worked with children and families in various capacities. I am also a certified Reiki Master Sensei and share the 7th generation lineage from Reiki Master Sensei Usui. Additionally, I am an ordained Minister, a certified Complete Alignment Technique practitioner, intuitive psychic reader, and spiritual therapist.

I have experienced the spirit world beginning at the age of four years old through visions, premonitions, and even seeing demonic entities in homes. I have seen true evil and pure goodness embodied in form and action.

As part of my practice, I specialize in helping those who have negative spiritual attachments and even those possessed by demonic entities remove those beings from their lives. Whether attachments are affecting a person or space, I have been blessed with the intuition and skills to restore balance.

I have been told one of my greatest qualities is my ability to teach, which is something I truly find as a passion. However, my true passion is being able to help families and individuals by removing negative energies and entities from them, their homes, possessions, and even pets.

While much of my practice is based in Christian principles, I am well versed regarding other ancient traditions and beliefs, including shamanism, Wicca, Nordic, Greek, and Buddhist to name a few. I believe all faiths and cultures have truth within them and are merely differences in perspective rather than falsehoods.

I am grateful and blessed to have the opportunity to offer the insight and wisdom I have gained throughout my training and experiences personally and professionally to those who seek higher truths and understanding.

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