What is CAT?

The Complete Alignment Technique (CAT) is a technique created by Tyler Watson that allows individuals to completely align themselves with a goal, substance, or result so that every aspect of their body, from organs to chakras to blockages, is working in harmony and matching the frequency of the desired outcome. This is accomplished through using muscle testing and checking for modes to identify areas out of alignment, and then using a series of tapping and breathing to create realignment. While this technique is newer, it is based in over 4000 years of collective wisdom and techniques from across the world, including mindfulness, kinesthesiology, and acupressure. We have seen this technique work on financial goals, mobility issues, weight loss goals, depression, suicidal thoughts, and so much more. Laura and Michael have both completed the course on performing this technique on themselves and others, and Michael is also a certified instructor. We offer sessions to align subjects with their goals as well as hold classes for individuals to be able to do the technique on themselves and others.

Pricing: $100 per hour session

A woman meditating, surrounded by stars and interconnected icons.