The Importance of Home Clearings

Home cleansing and clearing admittedly sounds like something done in the movies or for dramatic effect. Actually, cleansing and clearing spaces and people have a deeply rooted history in all cultures, from First Nation Peoples to the Middle East and Far East.

This all sounds great, but what does clearing actually mean? Clearing homes, items, people, pets, and even cars is a process where a practitioner removes negative energies and entities (yes, this includes demons and malevolent spirits and other creatures the naked eye does not perceive directly). We use a combination of smudging and Reiki to remove negative spiritual energies as well as crystal gridding to establish a barrier against further attacks or invasions.

We schedule these services by appointment only and are available for emergencies in most cases. We pride ourselves on not ruling out the possibility of a home, person, or property needing to be cleansed over the phone or through email. Instead, we have a hands-on approach to investigation that we conduct in person. As practitioners, we have years of experience with removing negative energies and entities from spaces and people.

Included here is a list of some of the most common experiences people have that cause them to feel their home needs be cleansed and cleared. If you or someone you know is experiencing anything on this list or have any concerns that are not listed, please do not wait to contact us for support.

Signs your home may need clearing:

  • Items are moved from where you know you put them
  • Strange noises or odors
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Scratches, bite marks, or burns that are unexplained
  • Hearing voices or growls that have no identified source
  • Doors/cabinets open/close by themselves
  • Feeling drained/lethargic
  • Pets being agitated with no explanation


Routine home blessing/cleansing: $100

Removal of negative attachments/demonic entities: $200+

A hand holding a bundle of burning sage.