Tarot is a tool used to communicate divine messages. The reader draws a series of picture cards in response to a question, and then interprets the symbolism, energy, and emotions of the cards based on intuition. Often Tarot is described as a mirror; it allows the person being read to truly reflect on their situation as well as gain insight and direction. Each Tarot deck is truly unique in its imagery and interpretation. Tarot is useful for many topics, including career, relationships, finances, spiritual questions and so much more. Many people fear Tarot, perhaps because of the unknown, or religious beliefs, or even the way it is portrayed in movies and shows. However, Tarot is a beautiful art when used correctly. It allows us to tap into our unconscious mind and receive the messages we need most in that moment.

Pricing: $50 per one hour reading

Thoth Deck Tarot Reading

A three card spread for career success.